Why “Postnatal Confinement” is important to ethnic Chinese?

Pictures provided by Babymoon

In our daily life in Asia, my partner Mr. Hahn couldn’t fully grasp the concept of “postnatal confinement”, especially when his friend who had just become a novice mother praised the postnatal care centers. I believe the concept of “postnatal confinement” is deep-rooted and perfectly justified in our generation and the last generation in Taiwan. Postnatal confinement refers to a month of rest and recuperation after childbirth. Nowadays, novice moms usually make an appointment at a postnatal care center before labour, and then nurse specialists will assist moms’ recovery and babysitting.

Instead of resting and recovering at home sweet home, Mr. Hahn believes that it is not necessary that new moms/wives stay at a postnatal care center for a month. Besides, it also deprives them of the best chance to get along and bond with new-born babies.

I understand his points.

However, relating to my today’s topic, there are some deterministic points that lead to different believes.

Firstly, there are great differences between the physical conditions of ethnic Chinese and European women and the ways of caring for the body educated from an early age. Traditional Chinese medicine is popular in ethnic chinese’s society.

Secondly, figures show that German women have 14 weeks of maternity leave, during which their jobs are protected by law and they have no worries of being fired. While maternity leave in Taiwan is only eight weeks. In reality, most working mothers couldn’t take full maternity leave, because maternity leave beyond a certain period of time will lead to unemployment.

Thirdly, gender equality is advocated in German, both parents can take maternity leave so that they can both devote time to take care of their babies.

Therefore, postnatal care centers give a chance to new moms in Taiwan, where babies will be cared by the nurse specialists, and moms can sleep, relax and eat healthier foods. It helps them to avoid depression caused by a hormonal imbalance. In this way, when they go back to work directly after the postnatal confinement, they feel more comfortable. A long maternity leave and legally protected jobs in Germany leaves mothers with more time to rest when they return home after childbirth. In addition, fathers in Germany have legal maternity leave and couples can work together to figure out how to raise children.

Picture provided by Babymoon

My cousin Ms. Wei is a senior nurse specialist in Babymoon, a well-known postnatal care center in Taiwan. She said that hotel-style management provided care for postpartum wounds of mothers, nursing skills and systematic parenting knowledge. In this way, mothers in Taiwan can relax physically and mentally at the center. At the same time, there are nourishing traditional Chinese medicine diet. When the baby is cared by a professional nurse, the mother can have a good rest. One-month stay in such an environment in Taiwan costs an average of TWD $100,000 up to TWD $300, 000, or in Euro at least 2,900 per month.

There are more and more postnatal care centers in Taiwan, with more sophisticated services. The development of postpartum care is also rising in Mainland. I have no child, but my friends who have children teach me that I can also hire maternity matrons at home who are experienced in caring for newborn and new mothers. The daily salary of them is about TWD 1,200 and the number of days of employment can be decided through consultation. Mothers can ask the maternity matrons to buy and cook food according to their own requirements, with extra payment for food.

Whether maternity matrons, postnatal care centers or the way that German mothers take care of themselves and their babies have its own advantages. You may have more experience than me. Which way do you prefer? Please share your thoughts and leave me a message:


住在亞洲的日常生活中,Mr. Hahn經常對「坐月子」這個觀念感到不解。在台灣,我相信「坐月子」在我們這一代與上一代是根深蒂固、天經地義的。坐月子的意思就是婦女產後一個月休息以及調養進補的時間。現代的媽媽通常在產前訂好月子中心的房間,由專門的護理師來協助產後媽媽的恢復並從旁協助育嬰。

Mr. Hahn認為產後媽媽不回家調養生息,反而去月子中心待一個月其實沒有必要,也失去跟嬰兒最好相處與bonding的機會。








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