Welcome to My Culture Blog

Hi. This is Ms. Wu, the person behind WuHahn.com. My daily life with Mr. Hahn inspires me to start this blog. I am from Taipei, he is from Germany, therefore we always try to explain “why” we behave or think differently in order to understand each other better. Through my culture blog, I hope you […]


Comparison of Consumer Behavior Psychology Among German, British and Ethnic Chinese

On the evening of the first day of the Chinese new year, it rained lightly in Taipei. I, Mr. Hahn (my partner, German), my younger sister, my younger brother-in-law, and my parents were preparing hotpot at my younger brother’s. My younger sister marries a British man and they live and work in London for years. […]


It seems that I would have a sudden understanding of insignificant things that I failed to notice in childhood at the most unexpected moment!  I am on holiday in Phuket. What I read by the pool in the daytime is Berliner Kindheit um Neunzehnhundert written by Walter Benjamin.  In the chapter of peepshow, Benjamin described his childhood experience of visiting […]

Learn “Price Performance Ratio” from Buying Milk

My partner, Mr. Hahn, admits that he is a bit “uncomfortable” every time when seeing the milk and toilet paper I bring home. Because the brand and product size I chose may not be the most cost-effective in his view. Yes. German will pay close attention to “price performance ratio” when they purchase, order and […]

Why “Postnatal Confinement” is important to ethnic Chinese?

In our daily life in Asia, my partner Mr. Hahn couldn’t fully grasp the concept of “postnatal confinement”, especially when his friend who had just become a novice mother praised the postnatal care centers. I believe the concept of “postnatal confinement” is deep-rooted and perfectly justified in our generation and the last generation in Taiwan. […]

Big Nudes Created by Helmut Newton the German Photographer

If some painters were said to be famous for painting women, Helmut Newton (1920-2003) was famous as a photographer for women. The women in front of his camera are mature, independent and determined. I like the way he showed women. Compared with the famous portraitists of his generation, such as Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, […]