Ms. Wu is the person behind wuhahn.com. She was born in Taipei, Taiwan, currently lives and works in Shanghai with her partner Mr. Hahn and one dog. She is good at learning languages since she was little. At age 17, she attended Wellesley College’s Summer Camps in Boston where she encountered major cultural shocks between the East and West. At age 18, she followed another English program in London where the diverse-culture-mingling was intensively sweet and sharp.

After getting her Master degree in Art History, Ms. Wu decided making a change in her life: move to Beijing, China. Back then, the local art scene was raw and fascinating, hanging out with artists every other day was full of excitements and surprises. Seven years later, the art scene shifted geographically and she found a new home in Shanghai. Meanwhile, her partner Mr. Hahn shows up. He was born in Saxony, Germany. Enjoying surprises and accepting new things, they began their adventures in the biggest city in the world.  

Ms. Wu likes traveling. She is required to get on plane regularly for art events around the world. From time to time, Mr. Hahn takes her to waterfront holidays. Ms. Wu came up with this blog idea while she was chilling on the harmonic lake side in Germany in June, 2019. She believes the future belongs to the non-self-centered people who cherishes his/her own root and respects others’. Her story will continue in many different far-end corners in the world, but she knows a nice bowl of soup noodle is always the first comforting meal arriving home.