Recommended German Patented Brand “Bite Away”

Since I was young, I have often suffered from severe mosquito stings. Probably my blood was mosquitos’ favorite.

What’s worse, not only mosquito bit, but also fleas and unknown bad bugs suck my blood. It turned out that whenever I am out with family, friends or Mr. Hahn in the city or in nature, I am always the one and only bugs’ attractor. Mosquitoes always swarm over me, and within minutes I will be left with red and swollen bites all over my body. Others, by contrast, are perfectly fine, smiley and comfortable.

So I sometimes wondered if anyone died from “itching”.

Do you think I am kidding?

Itching sends me to the limbo! It stops my normal mind activities, the only thing I imagine to do is to cut my hands or legs off.

Dermatologist’s diagnosis concluded that it was caused by my constitution. My skin is more sensitive than others. Histamine, which is produced after catching a mosquito bite, can easily cause pigmentation. As a result, my legs are often covered with ugly red spots, or pink bumps, large and small. I have to visit my dermatologist regularly for laser scar removal.

Of course, in order to protect myself, whenever I go outdoors in summer, I will wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers of silk and linen. Meanwhile, I keep trying to find the antipruritic ointment that worked for me. The Mentholatum cream, wind medicated oil, etc. available in the pharmacy have no effect on me. After reading lots of web articles, I find that all the ointments mentioned above contain some volatile elements, such as mint, camphor, which can bring coolness to the area where the ointment is applied, relatively relieving the itchy symptoms. Therefore, some people may find it effective after use, but the density and intensity of itching I have experienced may require a special steroid cream prescribed by a doctor to relieve it quickly. However, long-term application of this cream may cause palpitations or blurred vision in addition to atrophy and thinning of the skin where drugs are used.

One day, my partner Mr. Hahn pitied me and bought a machine named Bite Away.

I had never seen this product before. This white, pen-like “heating pen” was made in Germany and patented for medical use. Just press the tip of the pen against and heat the new mosquito stings for 6 seconds, the itchiness will gradually disappear, which reduces the possibility of scratches and the likelihood of scarring. The heat comes out from Bite Away damages the proteins in mosquito toxins, thus dissolving the toxins and reducing allergy.

This is my real savior!

It’s light, safe and chemical free. I always carry it when I go out nowadays. The test results of Bite Away on Stiftung Warentest, an authoritative testing website ( in Germany are excellent. (Test results of many daily necessities are available on this website.)

Therefore, I have gotten rid of steroid ointment. Instead, Mr. Hahn reminds me now to bring No.2 battery, otherwise my Bite Away will be powered off very soon.

Here, I sincerely recommend Bite Away to all of you who didn’t have a strong mind to conquer the overwhelming itching.

推薦德國專利Bite Away



慘的是,出門在外不是只有蚊子叮,還有跳蚤及不知名的壞蟲都會吸我的血。事實證明,不管是跟家人、朋友,或是跟Mr. Hahn出去,不論是在城市裡或是大自然中,我就像他們的吸蚊燈、蚊蟲總是一窩蜂撲到我身上來,然後數分鐘之內就會全身被咬得紅腫難耐。對比之下,其他人完全沒事、怡然自得。






Mr. Hahn看我可憐,在德國給我買了一支 「不怕咬(Bite Away) 」。他遞出來是,我還真是開了眼界,因為以前從沒看過這個產品。這隻白色的,造型像鋼筆般的「加熱筆」是德國製造,還獲得醫療專利。只要筆頭對著皮膚上剛被蚊蟲咬口處按壓加熱六秒,搔癢感就會漸漸消失,手比較不會忍不住去抓傷傷口,疤的產生機率就大幅降低。Bite Away的原理是,開機後維持49度到53度C中間的溫度,按壓咬口可以重點破壞蚊蟲毒素中的蛋白質,就會使毒素化掉、減少發炎。


它既輕巧,又無安全上的顧慮。我現在天天帶著它出門,只要覺得哪裡癢的時候,就開機往皮膚上壓六秒,然後過一會兒就止癢了。這只Bite Away在德國權威的測試網站Stiftung Warentest (,檢測結果確實相當優異。(有很多日用品在這裡都可以查到檢評。)

所以,我目前不用依賴類固醇藥膏,感覺很好。Mr. Hahn現在轉而提醒我記得帶二號電池,不然Bite Away就會power off。



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